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About CPD

CPD stands for Continuing Professional Development. In general, the aim of CPD is to promote professional growth through on-going learning. CPD encourages professionals to set goals and reflect on their progress towards achieving them, focusing on outcomes and results to measure development.

Professionals working in Town and Parish Councils have a wide range of duties to perform, which requires them to be knowledgeable about many different topics. CPD is about enabling staff to develop their knowledge and skill sets, both for the purpose of enhancing their professional performance and for the personal fulfilment that brings.

As an SLCC/NALC accredited trainer, RBS provides courses that carry CPD points to help Town and Parish Council staff to further their professional development. For a list of courses we are currently running please click here


CPD and the Institute of Local Council Management (ILCM)

The ILCM was set up by the Society of Local Council Clerks (SLCC) to promote and support the professional development of Town and Parish Council officers. As part of this, the ILCM requires its members to each submit a development record in order to renew their membership each year. Without a specified number of points memberships cannot be renewed, so demonstrating a commitment to professional development through the CPD scheme is essential for continued membership of the ILCM.

The CPD points currently required for renewing ILCM memberships are:

Student/Associate/Member – 12 CPD points

Principal – 18 CPD points

Fellow – 24 CPD points

For further information please see the SLCC website


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