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RBS "RBS Software Solutions" is a trading name of Rialtas Business Solutions Limited.


Welcome to RBS Software Solutions

Software Solutions that work for you!

RBS Software Solutions offer a comprehensive range of administration software and is the leading supplier of finance software to both large and small Town and Parish Councils in the UK.

All of our software will:

  • Act as a tool to help with the efficiency and the day-to-day running of your Council, its services and amenities
  • Create reports and summaries based around the services and amenities and their usage
  • Keep important information in order and make it readily accessible
  • Help enhance the professionalism of your Council
  • Earn valuable CPD points through our training programme



On Friday 9th Spetember, we will be attending the LGRC Local Council EXPO 2016 - Chateau Impney, Droitwich Spa which we hope many of our customers will be attending.  We feel this will be an opportunity for you to meet our staff and see our products. 

Therefore support will be by email only on the 9th September, so please email support if you have any queires and the support staff will respond.

Normal service will resume on Monday 12th September.

Here to Help

At RBS Software Solutions, we believe in providing you not only with market-leading, task-driven software but also with the support framework and expert assistance required to nurture you through the set-up process and act as a reference for the future.

Helping Hand


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